Official trailer and release details for 'Axeman 2: Overkill' released

The second installment to the 80's throwback slasher AXEMAN, Axeman 2: Overkill will release on VOD and DVD/Blu-ray October 17th worldwide.

Check out the trailer below the official details.

From The Press Release
Fans have been axxin' for him and now... HE'S BACK! From distributor #SinningWorks comes another vacation to dismember in the upcoming "AXEMAN 2: OVERKILL" - the highly anticipated second installment in the 80's throwback slasher series featuring MTV "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham, CBS "Big Brother" Rachel Reilly, "Baywatch" star Angelica Bridges and WWE/WCW star Bryan Clark.

Today, #SinningWorks released the intense new trailer for the upcoming installment and it features the hallmark of old school 80's slashers - axes, machetes, guns and blood! Along with the trailer release comes word that the slasher flick is currently available for pre-order in a limited "Royally Fucked Edition" Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack via the Axeman fan page at and is also available for pre-order as a digital download via the Vimeo Video On-Demand platform at

AXEMAN 2: OVERKILL marks the blood-soaked return of the Axeman at Cutter's Creek. When a crazed evangelical christians, murderous bank robbers and revenge-seeking vigilantes clash in the quaint town of Cutter's Creek, there's only one axe-wielding local legend who can separate them... and dismember them!

Psychological thriller 'Jackals' coming to Blu-ray and DVD

A potent blend of the horror, thriller and home-invasion genres, Jackals makes its Blu-ray and DVD debut on October 3rd, 2017 from Scream Factory and TAP inc.

From The Press Release
From director Kevin Greutert (Saw 3D: The Final Chapter) and producer Tommy Alastra (Sunset Strip) comes a disturbing vision of a fractured family that will do anything to get the son they love back from the unspeakable evil that has taken control of his mind. A potent blend of the horror, thriller and home-invasion genres, Jackals makes its Blu-ray and DVD debut on October 3rd, 2017 from Scream Factory. The release also includes a commentary with director Kevin Greutert and writer Jared Rivet, interviews with the cast and crew and the original theatrical trailers as bonus features. Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting

When Justin Powell (Ben Sullivan) is captured by two ski-masked men and dragged back to a secluded cabin, it’s anything but a standard kidnapping. Waiting for Justin at the cabin is his father (Johnathon Schaech, That Thing You Do!), mother (Deborah Kara Unger, Crash, Silent Hill), brother (Nick Roux), and former girlfriend (Chelsea Ricketts). Together, they are dedicated to freeing him from the sinister brainwashing he’s undergone at the hands of a vicious cult known as The Jackals.

With the help of Jimmy Levine (Stephen Dorff, Blade), an experienced cult deprogrammer, the family does their best to bring Justin back to reality … but their plans go awry when the cult descends upon the cabin, demanding Justin back. A vicious battle unfolds, testing familial loyalties and unleashing a bloodbath from which no one is safe.

Horror movies inspire many things, including top slots

To keep current, business owners seek out new ways in which to not only maintain their current clientele but also ways in which to attract new audiences. The casino industry does this through many methods including slot machine design. By choosing popular themes, these games are not only appealing to gamblers but fans of that theme as well. For instance, many slot machine games have been inspired by some of the best horror movies of all time.

A movie that also fits the science fiction genre, Alien has also made an impression on the gambling world. The Alien slot machine game is widely available from various online casinos and features a maximum of 15 paylines which provide multiple ways in which to win. The premise of this game is that players must make their way through extra-terrestrial attacks as they close in one the ultimate destination, the Queen Hive.

A Nightmare on Elm Street
This classic horror movie has been made into a five reel slot machine game with a total of 30 different paylines. The game’s graphics feature all of the scary elements associated with this film. For instance, the Freddy Krueger symbol is one of the optimal symbols with a payout of 10,000 times your bet paid out should you get him to appear on all five reels.

Rob Zombie to host 13 Nights of Halloween

HDNET MOVIES has announced the complete line-up for "Rob Zombie's 13 Nights of Halloween," hosted by the horror icon himself, kicking off Thursday, Oct. 19 with his hit film "The Devil's Rejects" at 9pE.

Other films featured during the holiday stunt, which culminates in a 24-hour marathon on Halloween, include Wes Craven's "The Last House on the Left," Jonathan Demme's "The Silence of the Lambs," Steve McQueen in the original 1958 "The Blob" and more.

The full schedule and official details can be found below.

From The Press Release
“The Great American Nightmare” comes to HDNET MOVIES this October, as the network unleashes Rob Zombie’s 13 Nights Of Halloween—airing every night at 9pE from Thursday, October 19 through Tuesday, October 31. The Halloween event puts the spotlight on 13 films hosted by heavy metal mastermind and acclaimed horror icon Rob Zombie. The event kicks off with Zombie’s celebrated sophomore opus THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, starring Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, and Sheri Moon Zombie as the maniacal Firefly clan, embarking on a murderous road trip with a vengeful sheriff (William Forsythe) in hot pursuit.

Other films rounding out the special include Matthew McConaughey & Renée Zellweger in early starring roles in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION (Oct. 20); Wes Craven’s seminal 1972 shocker THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (Oct. 21); Jodie Foster & Anthony Hopkins in the Oscar®-winning masterpiece THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (Oct. 22); Steve McQueen in the 1958 sci-fi favorite THE BLOB (Oct. 23); Kevin Dillon & Shawnee Smith in the 1988 reimagining THE BLOB (Oct. 24); Nicole Kidman in the ghostly drama THE OTHERS (Oct. 25); Bradley Cooper in the supernatural thriller CASE 39 (Oct. 26); the found-footage epic THE DEVIL INSIDE (Oct. 27); Brad Pitt & Juliette Lewis in the killer couple classic KALIFORNIA (Oct. 28); Christian Slater & Patricia Arquette in Oliver Stone’s star-studded crime thriller TRUE ROMANCE (Oct. 29); and Tim Matheson in the 1991 Stephen King adaptation SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK (Oct. 30). The month closes with a special a 24-hour Halloween marathon on Tuesday, October 31, starting at 6aE and featuring LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III at 9pE.

First wave of films for 'Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2017' announced

Screamfest Logo 2017
Seth Metoyer,

The first wave of the 2017 Screamfest Horror Film Festival lineup and the festival ambassador have been announcement.

The festival will run from October 10-19, 2017 at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood. Film festival badges are currently on sale to the general public at and individual film tickets will be available soon. Actor and producer Dominic Monaghan will serve as ambassador for the festival.

Some really intriguing offerings in this list. Find official line up details below.

From the Press Release
America’s largest and longest running horror film festival, Screamfest Horror Film Festival, is proud to announce the first wave of its official 2017 film line up. In its 17th year, the festival, which will run from Oct. 10-19, 2017 at the TCL Chinese in Hollywood, has launched careers - providing a platform for filmmakers and actors to showcase their latest work to enthusiasts and general audiences. Actor and producer Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings trilogy, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, TV’s “Lost”) will serve as this year’s festival ambassador.

“I am extremely honored to serve as this year’s Screamfest ambassador,” said Monaghan. “I applaud Screamfest and its Founder and Festival Director Rachel Belofsky for embracing the work of filmmakers and actors in the horror genre. I’m a big fan of this space, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of a fest that truly acknowledges unique and creative work.”

Exclusive first look: Conception art and details for 'STILL'

Today we have some exclusive details and conception art for director Michael Matteo Rossi's upcoming horror short film STILL.

We caught up recently with director Rossi and he told us "Still is a bit of an homage to The Twilight Zone episodes from the 60s that I grew up watching that have always influenced me every time I take on a horror film."

Written and directed by Michael Matteo Rossi (SABLE, Misogynist, Vengeance) and stars Damien Puckler (Grimm, Death Factory, Camel Spiders), Tracey E. Bregman (Happy Birthday to Me, Misogynist, The Young and The Restless), and Cathy Baron (Justified, Planet Terror, Dead Stop).

Shooting is slated to begin shooting on September 30, 2017.

A young husband takes desperate measures after finding out his wife is diagnosed with cancer.

Stay tuned for more details about this film as they become available.

‘The Ice Cream Truck’ (2017) Film Review

Reviewed by Jesse Miller

Watching Writer/ Director Megan Freels Johnston's The Ice Cream Truck is like venturing through a lucid nightmare. The main character of the dream operates with a logic that makes sense to the dreamer, but everyone around this person and every sequence is punctuated with the sense that something truly disturbing is lying in wait.

On the day Mary Marsh (Deanna Russo) moves back into her neighborhood, she deals with Stepford-like neighbors, a creepy furniture moving bloke and then there's the case of The Ice Cream man, who slowly drives up and down the streets of this neighborhood in his 1950's styled truck accompanied by an old fashioned tune set to haunt your dreams.

As Mary waits for her husband and two children to arrive from interstate, she navigates the strangeness that is suburbia, going to local parties, meeting young gardeners. All the while the Ice Cream Truck lurks.

Conversations and moments between characters are laced with a dream-like quality that's disquieting. Moment leads into moment seamlessly like a lengthy dream, like you're wondering restlessly from set to set, mulling over the feeling that something isn't quite right about what's going on around you.

The synth score by Michael Boateng is right out of an 80's horror film runs beneath the surface of the film, and its pitch perfect all the way through, working to build dread or to add to the concept that this is a waking nightmare, and you're witnessing something grim and artificial.

Deanna Russo is utterly charming as Mary. Russo plays her straight in a world that's bizarre and uneasy. With every odd sequence, Russo nails the comic beats, as Mary has to navigate the dryly-comical neighbors and their strange behavior.

She's backed by a colorful cast of characters, all with their quirks and amusing yet dream-like dialogue, all of them selling their unusual traits, adding to this waking nightmare feeling.

BeWildered Media Productions Announces Full Release of 'DWELLING'

Seth Metoyer,

We first covered Kyle Mecca's paranormal thriller DWELLING a couple years ago. It's nice to see the film finally getting released.

DWELLING will release on September 26th via Amazon, Family Video, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and FYE.

The film was initially released exclusively through Walmart on July 4th, 2017. Check out all the official details below.

From the Press Release
Sony Home Entertainment and BeWildered Media Productions are proud to announce the full release date of Dwelling, a paranormal thriller/horror written and directed by published paranormal writer Kyle Mecca.

Dwelling is the story of a young woman, Ellie (Erin Marie Hogan), who deliberately buys a haunted house in attempt to make contact with the spirit world. Driven by a horrific experience in her past involving her sister, River (Devanny Pinn), Ellie is willing to put herself and family at risk to seek the truth. In doing so, Ellie releases a soul that is more malevolent and terrifying than she could ever imagine. Something dwells in the house called Amara…and it wants to get out.

Erin Marie Hogan (Ray Donovan, House of Manson), Mu-Shaka Benson (Bad Frank, Crossbreed) and Devanny Pinn (Dead Sea, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery) star in this movie with Abigail Mary making her feature film debut. The film is produced by BeWildered Media Entertainment's Brandyn T. Williams and Arlynn Knauff.

Book Review: ‘The TommyKnockers’ (1987) by Stephen King

Reviewed by Jesse Miller,

Late last night and the night before,
TommyKnockers! TommyKnockers!
Knocking at my door!

Coming out in 1987 at the height of his addictions, The TommyKnockers is Stephen King’s angriest novel, its story and nightmarish imagery fuelled by the manic energy of cocaine.

One of its main characters, Jim Gardner, is a self-loathing drunk teetering on the edge of suicide when he gets a vision that his good friend and past lover, back in the quaint town of Haven, Maine of course – has found something buried in the Earth. Something that compels her to dig deeper and unearth the secrets contained within.

For the first few hundred pages or so, we’re with Gard as he wanders through black out after black out, trying to make sense of the lost time while trying to function as a once-successful poet.
We come into the story when Gard is just about to hit rock bottom and King, as is his way with capturing every-day folk, masterfully portray Gard’s downfall, particularly in a potent and wince-inducing sequence involving Gard at an after-party rambling about the destruction of nuclear power.

It doesn’t take much to see that King, struggling with his addiction, is using Gard as a reflection. Gard is drowning in his desperation for a drink. Without it, his head pounds mercilessly. And without it, he sees himself as a sap, a washed up artist.

It’s both a fascinating character but at the same time, painful to read – because you can feel the pain coming off the sequences. And as Gard tries to make sense of something ancient and powerful, something addictive, it’s brutal to see him try and cope.

When events turn horrific, it’s some of King’s best work – imaginative, nightmarish, disconcerting. There are quite a number of passages where he captures the sensation of a waking nightmare vividly.

There’s body horror worthy of Cronenberg. Things get nasty. Things…transform. It’s all very detailed, in effective and hypnotising passages that I couldn’t look away from.

From across the three acts of the novel, King builds dread effectively. Things escalate at a slow-burning pace. We never really know what’s happening until it happens and even then the character’s revealing the important story beats are unreliable. Like Gard, we are paranoid of whom to trust.

'Pillar Of Fire' set for Off-Broadway debut

Seth Metoyer,

One of my favorite actor's and people Bill Oberst Jr. is bringing a vengeful corpse to Theatre Row as "Ray Bradbury's Pillar Of Fire” is set for its off-Broadway debut.

From The Press Release
Like a character in his own fiction, Ray Bradbury just won't stay dead. The celebrated fantasy / sci-fi author passed away in 2012 (August 22 would have been his 97th birthday) but his books are best-sellers at Amazon, his novel Fahrenheit 451 is in production at HBO Films starring Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Friday Night Lights) and his name gets 100,000 Google searches each month. Now one of indie horror's own, Bill Oberst Jr. (Criminal Minds, Scream Queens) is taking Bradbury Off-Broadway.

Oberst's solo performance, Ray Bradbury's Pillar Of Fire, a tale of the walking dead that is one of Bradbury's darkest early works, comes to New York City's Theater Row on Sunday, Sept. 17 at 6:00pm as a part of the United Solo Theatre Festival after two sold-out runs in Los Angeles, directed by Ezra Buzzington.

Ray Bradbury later called the 1948 novella “a rehearsal for Fahrenheit 451.” Oberst calls it a hymn to Halloween. “From the opening sentence: 'He came out of the Earth hating,' Bradbury is defending Halloween and horror against those who want a world without superstition” said the actor. “In 2349, burial is banned – they burn people's bodies like trash. There's only one dead man left, and he's pissed! Only Ray Bradbury can make you cheer for a zombie terrorist.”

Cosmic Lovecraft horror novel 'Horror in the Clouds' unleashes

We're definitely fans of Lovecraft horror stories here at MoreHorror and the Lovecraft universe in general.

Lovecraft fans are pretty particular with film adaptations let alone adding to his beloved universe. The Cloverfield films have proven it can be done and embraced on film if executed properly.

Writer Scott Shoyer is attempting to go down that road with his new novel, Horror in The Clouds from Severed Press. It will be ultimately up to fans to decide if they are open to the idea of introducing "a new breed of Elder Gods", (is that an oxymoron?) into the Lovecraft universe. If anyone can pull it off, it would seem that Shoyer is primed for it.

Check out all the details about the book from the official press release below.

From The Press Release
Horror in the Clouds Unleashes an Ancient Evil into the World and Continues the Tradition of Cosmic Horror Started by HP Lovecraft

Masterfully crafted by Scott Shoyer, Horror in the Clouds, continues to shock and impress readers with his modern interpretation of cosmic horror originated by iconic writer, HP Lovecraft. Shoyer creates a universe where a new breed of Elder Gods want to inhabit our world and rule supreme over this domain, subjecting its inhabitants to a lifetime of torment and suffering. Shoyer proved that he could break the stagnant mold of zombie fiction with his Outbreak trilogy, and now he is out to show that the genre of cosmic horror, created by HP Lovecraft, still has a lot of life (and blood) left in it. Read as we follow the Squire family on a trip that takes them to Hell and back, as they try to survive a town full of crazed cultists as well as a creature older than time itself. Horror in the Clouds is a fast-paced, violent, horrifying read that will have you checking the sky the next time you step outside.

'Witch Hunt' combo pack to be released

WITCH HUNT comes to BluRay/DVD combo August 14th from Boston Film Family and LC Films.

LC Films will release writer/director Richard Chandler's (Gilgamesh, Lilith Trilogy) WITCH HUNT on August 14th on BluRay/DVD combo pack.

The film stars Graham King, Tony Ramos Wright, Lilith Astaroth, and Richard Chandler.

A Catholic priest questions his faith after a botched exorcism. Strange occurrences deriving from a satanic cult have lead Father James Costello back to his old nemesis, Sheriff Tormada. Tormada, a self-loathing homosexual, sociopath and murderer, uses the law to his advantage to make Costello's life a living hell. Tormada is at war with the idea that Costello made peace with being gay. An unknown association hires a brother/sister team of Bosnian witch hunters/inquisitors to exterminate the 'problems' the town has been experiencing.

WITCH HUNT combo pack is currently available to purchase at LCFilmsOnline as well as a limited edition LC Films Rewards Members combo pack with exclusive artwork limited and numbered to only 20. A wider single disc release is coming in the fall, as well as a major VOD release.

An Interview with Visionary Indie Filmmaker Kourosh Ahari

By Kevin Scott,

I recently had a chance to talk with Kourosh Ahari. He’s a very promising young filmmaker that not only appreciates all the facets of good storytelling, but also embraces the technology that would allow him to tell those stories within and outside the realm of known possibilities. That approach has worked pretty well for guys like Spielberg and Cameron, so I relished the opportunity to talk to someone with that same passion at the dawn of their career.

He has already crossed genres with some pretty surreal and powerful stories involving human emotion intersecting with extraordinary circumstances, and now he’s using an innovative new three screen technology in his horror short film THE SECRET OF 40. Ahari talks with me in this interview about his beginnings, his very impressive body of work thus far, and what may be next for how we watch and enjoy films.

MH: I’m going to start with the most common of questions just as a jumping off point. Tell me a few basic things about yourself to break the ice.

KA: I’m 28 years old filmmaker. I was born in Iran and grew up there, I moved to the US when I was 19. I never thought I would become a filmmaker, I didn’t have a camera to go around and shoot as a kid. What first made me interested in filmmaking was when I started watching behind the scenes. Every time I would watch the BTS of a movie or TV show, it seemed like so much fun that I wanted to be a part of it. It was just a nice thought that I never took seriously until I transferred to San Jose State University with the goal of getting into the animation program. That year, due to high demand for that major and it being over capacity, they wouldn’t take any new students. So I was left with two choices: wait another year to see what happens or pick another major. After doing some research, I found out that film students very often collaborate with animation students on various projects. Since I didn’t want to waste any time and wait another year, I decided I would major in film and somehow make my way into the animation program, not knowing that’s not what the universe had in store for me. The summer before I started school as a film student, I bought a DSLR, went on YouTube and spent days and hours learning a few basics of shooting and making a film. I made my very first short film before I started school and that film went on to win Best Drama and Best Acting awards at a school level short film festival, and that was really the start for me. We as human beings have the desire to make a difference and make the world a better place, but don’t always have the means for it. Seeing that level of engagement from an audience for the first time and how visual storytelling could change the way some look at the world made me realize filmmaking was what I wanted to do all along.

MH: What was the social climate like in Iran growing up, and good or bad, how did it inspire you to want to make films?

KA: The social climate in Iran when I was growing up was of course very different than it is here due to the culture and certain belief systems. However, it did not really inspire me to want to make films at the time, I didn’t discover I wanted to make films until I had been living here in the US for 5 years. That said, growing up in a completely different culture and being there for the most critical development stages of my life, give me the privilege of having a unique and different perspective on life and social matters that definitely influence my films and the way I tell a story.

MH: What brought you to California and San Jose State?

KA: I came here with my family. We came to California only because my uncle lived and worked here for many years and he was the one that supported us in coming to the US. That said, being in California for almost 9 years now, I can’t see myself living elsewhere in the US. I love it here a lot. As for San Jose State, I wanted to attend there because they had the top animation program in the nation and many of their students went off to work at places like Pixar and Dreamworks.

'The Evil In Us' to unleash on DVD and VOD

THE EVIL IN US will be available on DVD, VOD and Digital on August 29, 2017 from RLJ Entertainment.

We are told that "side effects may include: insomnia, rage and cannibalism." So you've bee warned!

From The Press Release
RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brings you THE EVIL IN US, written and directed by Jason William Lee in his feature film debut. The film stars Ian Collins (CW’s “Supernatural”) and Kylee Bush (Nightwing: Prodigal).

THE EVIL IN US will be available on DVD on August 29, 2017 for an SRP of $27.97, same day as VOD and Digital.

In THE EVIL IN US, six school friends meet up for a Fourth of July celebration on a remote island off the Washington coast for a weekend of fun and partying. But the good times quickly turn into a nightmare when they unknowingly take a new bio-active drug containing a virus that causes fits of psychotic rage.

Only one girl, Brie (Bush), doesn’t take the drug and she alone must fight to stay alive as her friends slowly turn into bloodthirsty cannibals. Trapped on the island, Brie must endure the unimaginable in a desperate battle for survival.

The film premiered at FrightFest London 2016.

'Camp Cold Brook' gets additional cast members

Upcoming horror film Camp Cold Brook has some new cast additions. Chad Michael Murray (House of Wax, TV's One Tree Hill) and Danielle Harris (Halloween, Hatchet III) will headline director Andy Palmer's Camp Cold Brook, from Joe Dante's Production company.

Courtney Gains (The Burbs, Children of the Corn), Michael Eric Reid (TV's Victorious),Candice De Visser (The Funhouse Massacre), Mary Kathryn Bryant (Hellraiser : Judgement), Loren Lodesma (A.S.K), and Jason Van Eman (1 Mile to You) help make up the ensemble.

Check out the full details below as well as a snap of some of the cast.

From The Press Release
Script hails from up and comer Alex Carl, writer-director of Reeves Road.

Produced by Warner Davis of Petri Entertainment, Gremlins alum Joe Dante and Mark Alan of Renfield Productions, and Jason Van Eman and Ross Marroso of Weathervane Productions, pic tells of a reality TV crew that get more than they bargained for when they decide to film the next episode in the legendary Camp Cold Brook.

Reality TV producer and host, JACK WILSON (Chad Michael Murray), finds himself in a tough spot. His finances have crumbled and his show, “Haunt Squad”, is about to be cancelled. In a last ditch effort to spark ratings to land a final season, he and his producers Angela (Danielle Harris) and Emma as well as their trusted cameraman Kevin choose the legend of Camp Cold Brook to save their show.

The camp was host to a horrific incident, where the young campers were drowned in a nearby creek 20 years ago. Their arrival begins like any other episode. Cameras are placed, lights spark to life, but this is not going to be a regular episode of chasing errant noises and measuring for EVP. The terror here was real and the 30 are about to rise.


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